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Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost

Dog teeth

Have you been told that your dog needs to have his teeth cleaned? This happens to most owners at least once during the life of their pet. It often has nothing to do with how well or how poorly the owner takes care of their dogs teeth but with the bacteria levels and natural enzymes ….  Read More

Dog Toothbrush

Dog teeth

Did you know that dogs’ teeth require brushing on a regular basis just like people? Proper dental health care for dogs can prevent future complications that are often difficult and expensive to treat. Fortunately, dog toothbrushes are affordable and can last for many months. Brushing your dog’s teeth is easy to learn how to do ….  Read More

Dog Teeth Chattering

Dog teeth

Have you ever wondered why your dog’s teeth chatter? Teeth chattering in dogs isn’t terribly uncommon, but it can be surprising for people who have never heard it before! There are several reasons that a dog’s teeth might chatter, ranging from something as benign as being cold, to serious medical issues like seizure disorders. This ….  Read More