Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost

Have you been told that your dog needs to have his teeth cleaned? This happens to most owners at least once during the life of their pet. It often has nothing to do with how well or how poorly the owner takes care of their dogs teeth but with the bacteria levels and natural enzymes in the canine mouth. Many people shy away from the procedure because the cost for dog teeth cleaning is unclear. So how much does dog teeth cleaning cost? Here’s your answer.

Canine Teeth Cleaning Cost

You can reasonably expect to pay between $90 and $400 for an average cleaning for your dog. The cost may vary depending on the area in which you live, the veterinarian you choose and the amount of time that it will take to clean your dog’s teeth properly.

With or Without Anesthesia

While you can find veterinary practices who will clean teeth without the use of anesthesia, this isn’t recommended by most animal health care providers. The cost is definitely lower when anesthesia isn’t involved, however, the chances of a dog remaining still during the procedure is slim to none. This presents a greater risk for both the pet and the veterinarian or technician performing the cleaning.

The Cleaning Process

During a dental cleaning, your dog’s teeth will be scaled, polished and a fluoride treatment will be applied. Canine dental cleanings are very similar to human dental cleanings. Plaque is removed, tartar is scraped off and fluoride is applied. Your dog’s teeth will be restored to the sparkling white they were when they first erupted.

Additional Costs

The cost for dog teeth cleaning can also vary depending on the additional services offered. Pre-anesthetic blood testing may or may not be included in the base price as some vets require it and some vets leave it optional. Fluid therapy (through an IV) is often optional as well. Both are a good idea and help to ensure the safety of your dog. Any necessary extractions will raise the cost of the dental cleaning as well. If your dog is in a severe stage of dental disease you can almost be guaranteed that a tooth, or several teeth, will need to be pulled. Dental sealants are options at some clinics as well and may help stave off plaque build-up and gingivitis in the future.

Combination Discounts

Many veterinarian’s offer a discount on the cost of dog teeth cleaning to make it more affordable. Ask your veterinarian if they have combination discounts; for instance a dental cleaning, pre-anesthetic blood work and fluid therapy may be cheaper when bought as a package.

There are also vets who offer various types of discounts that you can take advantage of: new client, senior (human) savings or even senior dog savings. By taking advantage of these discounts you can often save a great deal of money on your dog’s dental cleaning. Check out your veterinarian’s website or newsletter for any monthly specials or coupons that are offered as well.

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