Cat Teeth Cleaning Cost

Have you seen how expensive it is to have your cat’s teeth professionally cleaned by a veterinarian? If you have not properly cared for your cat’s teeth and your cat needs dental work, be prepared for a huge veterinary bill. The cost of cat teeth cleaning can be very expensive because the procedure includes much more than just a simple cleaning.

The typical cost of cleaning cats teeth is about $250-$300, depending on the area in which you live. When asking your veterinarian how much does cat teeth cleaning cost, be sure to ask who will be doing the procedure. Prices may vary depending on if your veterinarian performs the procedure of they allow their technicians to do them. If a technician does the procedure, it may be a little cheaper.

Anesthesia is Often Not Included

Usually, the cat teeth cleaning cost does not include anesthesia. You pet will need to be under general anesthesia in order for the veterinarian to perform the procedure. The general anesthesia will add about $75-$100 to the cost of the teeth cleaning. Do not have your cat’s teeth cleaned by a veterinarian that offers to do the procedure without anesthesia, as this procedure is very painful and uncomfortable for a cat while awake. If a veterinarian performs the procedure while the cat is awake, the cat could sustain additional trauma or injuries when it tries to move away from the veterinarian.

Pre-Dental Blood Work

The cat teeth cleaning will include the removal of tartar and plaque along the gums and teeth. After the teeth are cleaned, they are typically polished and a fluoride treatment is applied. Before the cleaning, the veterinarian may require that your cat’s blood work be checked to make sure that it is healthy enough for the procedure, especially if your pet is older. The pre-dental blood work usually costs around $50-$75.

Hidden Costs

There are some hidden costs to cat teeth cleaning. Your cat may need to be on pain medication for a few days after the procedure, which typically costs about $25-$50. Also, your cat will need an antibiotic for about 10 days following the cleaning, which costs an additional $25-$40. The cleaning cost does not include tooth removal, which may be necessary if some of your cat’s teeth are too damaged to try to save. The tooth extractions can cost about $75-$100 each, depending on the difficulty and placement of the tooth.

More than 1 Pet? Ask a Discount!

Your veterinarian may offer a discount if you have more than one cat that needs their teeth cleaned. They also may offer a discount if your cat will need multiple cleanings in the future. If you cannot afford the teeth cleaning, ask your veterinarian about a payment plan, as most veterinary offices participate in some type of credit program.

Prevention is the Best Way to Save Money!

The best way to save money on your cat’s teeth cleaning is by preventing plaque from building up on your cat’s teeth by brushing them. A cat toothbrush and toothpaste is very inexpensive, so once your cat has its teeth cleaned, be sure to keep them that way by brushing them every day.

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