Brushing Cat’s Teeth | A How to Guide

If you are flustered when it comes to brushing cats teeth, then don’t worry, it happens to the best of cat lovers. However unpleasant it may seem to your cat, it is a necessity to brush cats teeth for their own oral and physical health. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is not to have long winded sessions. Keep them short and make sure that your cat knows she is being good by allowing you to brush her teeth.

  • Your cat’s favorite drink
  • Short fingernails
  • Gauze
  • Toothpaste for cats
  • A toothbrush for cats
  • Mouthwash for cats
  1. Get your Cat Used to the Idea
    The first thing you need to do before you actually begin brushing cat teeth is get your pet used to the idea of having something put in her mouth. The simplest way to do this is to dip your fingers into some liquid that your cat loves; fish broth, chicken broth or warm milk may do the trick.
  2. Reward Her
    Call to her in such a way that knows she is getting a treat. Allow her to lick the liquid off your fingers and then gently put your finger into her mouth and rub the liquid all over her teeth and gums. A few sessions of this and she is sure to look forward to these sessions.
  3. Apply the Gauze
    Once you are sure she likes this part, you can move on to wrapping your finger with some gauze. Dip your finger into the same broth and rub your fingers on her teeth and gums in a circular manner. It may take a few sessions to get her to like this. Stick to it no matter how long it takes and always make sure to praise her constantly for her cooperation.
  4. Move on to a Dental Sponge, Pad or even Toothbrush
    Once your cat is completely used to the idea of a foreign object in her mouth, you can move onto a dental sponge or pad. In some cases, people move on to a toothbrush. Again, you cannot just put this into her mouth. You will need her to get used to the texture, so put something she likes on it and allow her to lick the substance. It will allow her to get around the idea of the texture.
  5. Apply Toothpaste
    Next, bring in the pet toothpaste. Try to find a flavor that matches your cat’s tastes since that is the only way you are going brush cat teeth successfully. You will find many types of toothpaste flavored with poultry, fish, etc. You can also choose from several rinses, which are flavored similarly. With the rinses, you also have to get her used to the consistency by putting some on the brush or your finger and allow her to lick it.
  6. Massage Gums and Teeth
    Your cat brushing teeth on her own is a distant dream, so, although this will take a great deal of patience, it is quite worth it in the end. Once your cat has licked the paste off your fingers, or the brush, try to get her to allow you to massage it on to her gums and teeth. This will actually get you started on the act of brushing her teeth. Remember that the most important thing you need to do is constantly praise and pet your cat. This is to let her know she is doing a good job.

Now that you have done all that it takes to get your cat used to the idea of brushing, you can actually get down to doing it. It is best if you ease her into the process here as well. This means that you begin by brushing only the top teeth or canines first and then move on to the lower ones. Only once she is completely used to the idea should you move to the ones at the back. Throughout learning how to brush a cat’s teeth, make sure that your cat knows this a part of the loving she receives.

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