3 Ways For Healthy Cat Teeth – Brush, Rinse, Chew

Teeth are as important to cats as to men. Without the cat teeth, there is no way your feline pet could eat. Unlike human teeth, the lost cat teeth is irreplaceable; they do not wear denture as we do. Inspecting the teeth as frequently as possible can prevent tooth lost or breakage. Lost of care for cat teeth may result to dental disease that can be hazardous to the animal.
Cats are great for cuddling and you would enjoy doing so if the breath does not give off bad smell. When left unclean, the teeth can store bacteria, saliva and food particles that lead to feline halitosis, a case of cat bad breath. When the bacteria multiply in the cat’s mouth gingivitis and gum inflammation can be the possible consequence. And in the worst case, you may witness falling off of the cat teeth.
With this, it is incumbent upon you as master is to safeguard the cat teeth and gums. If you take time to plan the proper care for the teeth, you can prevent the incidence of dental problem. Consult with a vet doctor for the dental health of your cat or you can administer it at home. 

Brushing for healthy cat teeth

Teaching and training your pet to brush its cat teeth is an important step to the animal’s dental health. The practice may be a problem if you do not train it at an early stage. While still a kitten, you can train it to open its mouth, prompting it to lick your finger that is coated with special toothpaste. There are special tooth brushes available in pet shops (as well as internet shops) that are flavored to entice the cat to open its mouth and have the teeth cleaned. Special toothbrush may be the best for your pet but there is an alternate method. Have a small rag with baking soda and wipe this to the cat teeth. Baking soda is a very effective cleaning agent that can help cleanse the teeth.
There are flavored tooth brushes and there are different flavors of cat toothpaste. Choose a toothbrush that is fitted to your index finger to make brushing easier. At the start of training, you may just brush some front teeth. Then, you can use circular motion inside the mouth. Let your pet get accustomed to this; it may take some time for the cat to get used to this.

Rinsing for healthy cat teeth

Another way of cleansing the cat teeth and mouth is through rinsing. There are antiseptic mouthwash designed for cats. This may be more difficult than brushing. What is to be done is to soak a rag in the mouthwash and squeeze the rag in the cat’s mouth. The antiseptic mouthwash can help prevent infection of the mouth, gum and teeth.

Chewing for healthy cat teeth

Build-up of plaque and tartar within the cat teeth can be prevented with chew toys. These treats are flavored and taste good. Your pet may consider the chewing material as a treat. If you find it difficult to brush the cat teeth or rinse the mouth, giving the pet the chew materials is a good option. The chews may have abrasive surface that can scrub the teeth when the pet chew on them. Frequent chewing of the treats is a good way of preventing the build-up of tartar and plaque. You should choose the chew treats that are dry and avoid the semi-moist types.
Your pet may seem to have perfect dental health because of the practice of brushing, rinsing and chewing. However, a visit to the vet doctor is still the best way to ensure that the cat teeth are healthy and disease-free.

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